After World War II fixing and ensuring the protection of women's rights, as well as equal opportunities for men and women in the world became one of the priorities of countries.


In 1993 the Republic of Armenia ratified the UN Convention “On the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women”. The Republic of Armenia assumed responsibility of excluding any form of discrimination against women, the fixation and guarantee of the principle of legal equality between men and women by the national legislation.


In the sphere of protection of women’s rights Armenia has also ratified important international documents such as the UN convention “On the Political Rights of Women”, the Europian Council conventions “On Combating Human Trafficking”, “On Equal Pay for Male and Female Workers for Work of Equal Value”, “On the Nationality of Married Women”, “On Discrimination in Respect of Employment and Occupation”. 


Article 30 of the RA Constitution clearly states the principle of equality between women and men, which suggests that women should have equal conditions and guarantees for the realization of their political, social, economic, cultural and other rights.


Even though the RA legislation clearly states the principle of equality between women and men, cases of violation of women's rights and discrimination against them continue. To date, there are cases of domestic violence, horizontal and vertical segregation against women in the workplace, lack of women in senior management, inaccessibility of medical services and other cases of discrimination against women.


The existence of such cases is evidence of the need for continuous and coordinated action aimed at protecting women’s rights in order to change the stereotypes regarding women’s role in the society, women’s abilities to reveal their educational, economic, social and political potential.