Children’s Rights Protection Unit

The Department for the protection of child rights of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia:


  • ensures the proper and effective implementation of the powers of the Human Rights Defender in the sphere of protection of child rights,
  • provides legal advice to citizens on their rights and freedoms, as well as on the legal measures and procedures for the effective protection of those rights and freedoms,
  • within its jurisdiction conducts the reception of citizens,
  • ensures the procedure of studying and handling the complaints on the violations of the rights of children,
  • requires information, explanations and supporting documents from competent state and local self-government bodies and their officials to ensure the procedure of handling complaints,
  • reveals and analyzes legislative problems and gaps in the domestic legal acts in the sphere of protection of child rights and, if necessary, prepares letters and recommendations addressed to the relevant state bodies,
  • studies the international experience in the field of protection of the rights of the child, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ECHR precedent decisions and other international documents,
  • organizes visits to places where there are alleged or factual violations of children's rights and freedoms,
  • participates in meetings and discussions with NGOs and international organizations, representatives of state bodies, international experts and other persons,
  • participates in the development of public reports through analysis of the results of the visits and studies and identification of systemic problems,
  • within its competence cooperates with state and local self-government bodies and international organizations.