International Cooperation Department

The Department of international cooperation of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia:


  • ensures the proper and effective implementation of the powers of the Human Rights Defender in the sphere of international cooperation,
  • establishes, strengthens and expands cooperation with international organizations, officials of other countries, including ombudsmen and partner embassies and diplomatic representatives,
  • provides for bilateral or multilateral relations with international organizations and officials of foreign countries, accredited diplomatic representatives of RA and representatives of international organizations,
  • coordinates the programs carried out in collaboration with international organizations and NGOs,
  • develops the international cooperation strategy and an annual/semi-annual action plan and supervises its proper implementation,
  • organizes meetings, conducts negotiations,
  • prepares project proposals aimed at the protection and promotion of human rights and presents them to international organizations,
  • prepares the meetings and discussions with NGOs and international organizations, representatives of state bodies, international experts and other persons,
  • participates in the development of public reports through analysis of the results of the visits and studies and identification of systemic problems,
  • within its competence cooperates with state and local self-government bodies and international organizations.