Unit for Citizens’ Reception and Letters

The Citizen and letter reception division of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia:


  • ensures the effective workflow in the Human Rights Defender office,
  • organizes the reception of citizens,
  • provides the reception, registration, examination, pre-processing of all the correspondence received at the Staff, in paper and electronic versions, input in the “Mulberry” electronic document management system, as well as keeping registers,
  • organizes the delivery of electronic and paper outgoing documents of the Staff via the “Mulberry” electronic document management system, “Haypost” CJSC and courier service,
  • makes the entry of online letters into the “Mulberry” electronic document management system,
  • participates in meetings and discussions with NGOs and international organizations, representatives of state bodies, international experts and other persons,
  • participates in the development of public reports through analysis of the results of studies and identification of systemic problems,
  • within its competence cooperates with state and local self-government bodies and international organizations.